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Pollo Grill

Pollo Grill is a local take away shop for healthy chicken burgers, wraps, salads and yoghurt.

When we were approached by the owners with a concept for a take away shop, we transformed the idea into a healthy alternative for fast food with a twist.

Meshmedia were responsible for the name creation, brand development and entire marketing strategy. Designing within the limitations faced along the way, the outcome was a finished project followed through from start to finish.

Our days were filled with photo shoots and sampling, research and problem solving, and although such a big job came with such heavy responsibility, we are proud to say it has become a huge success.

No chickens were harmed in the making of this project.


  • logo
  • brand development
  • shop concept design
  • marketing strategy
  • packaging
  • web design
  • digital menu & graphic design
  • signage
  • product branding
  • photography & food styling
  • photo re-touching
  • character creation
  • shop launch & grand opening