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With the ever-changing market of retail, Trim’s Fresh and Meshmedia have been given the opportunity to create some amazing marketing campaigns and retail material for the Trim’s Fresh stores. With Covid effecting the way retail operates we were able to deliver an e-commerce website for Trim’s Fresh with a quick turn around of one week so he could provide an easy to use e-commerce shopping platform for his customers. 

Trim’s Fresh website is designed to be an innovative and efficient way of shopping for your groceries. We’ve made is easy for Trim’s customers to get their favourite produce delivered straight to their door. 

We create responsive websites so so you know your customers can view your site with ease where ever they may be.

Eye catching signage for the brick and mortar Trim’s Fresh stores.
We create responsive websites so you know your customers can easily checkout no matter where they are.

Over the years, we have been providing design and marketing for Trim's Fresh covering everything from Anniversary campaigns and store concepts to responsive e-commerce websites and digital marketing.

We created custom marketing material for Trim’s Fresh 20th Anniversary including these aprons for both customers and staff. There’s nothing better to wear while grilling on the bbq.